"Managing my website is frustrating"

"Managing my website is frustrating"

Posted on 16/02/2024

Updated on 25/02/2024

We were approached recently by a - now-happy! - client who opened their enquiry with an emotive statement: "Managing my website is frustrating". 

In our first blog, we wanted to explore what it meant to manage a website in 2024, and use the opportunity to re-establish our value we bring to our clients and their businesses.

When I received an email with the subject "Managing my website is frustrating" I was briefly concerned, then relieved to find it was not one of our current clients, but then I read on. I found that this individual was using a well-known website building platform (rhymes with Sticks), but they were running into problems with the editor and the template they had chosen.

After a couple of calls, we had what they actually wanted nailed down and I was able to provide a quote for us to build it for them - outside of the frustration-stirring platform they wanted desperately to leave behind. I estimated just a week of overall effort to complete rebuild their site and they went away happy knowing finally it would be taken care of - great!

But, it made us think...

We looked back at our previous clients - even reached out to a few we had also moved off the platform in the past as their needs grew beyond what they felt they were capable of... they all shared something. They had all started out happy with what their website builder could do - but found themselves spending more and more time fighting with it as their website grew, or they needed more functionality.

and it gave us food for thought.

Our clients come to us, and in some cases refer us, because we make things so easy. It sounds like bragging (maybe a little), but the evidence agrees! Our clients come to us because they don't need to manage all the fine details - or, if they want - they can! We've even begun work on changing and improving our internal processes because of this recent enquiry.

Is managing your website a source of frustration, worry or even anxiety? Get in touch with us today.

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